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what warranty, if any, comes with the purchase of your pumps? 

all of our replacement Rexroth pumps come with a 2 year warranty, see our warranty page here for more information. 

Are these pumps OEM?

The pumps listed for sale on this website are aftermarket replacement unit, not manufactured by Bosch Rexroth.   Units are form, fit, function, and repair component interchangeable

Do you stock OEM Rexroth Pumps? 

Please contact our customer service at 877-358-4376 or email for a quote on the item you are looking for. 

I have a pump which I would like or I would like replaced, how can I find it on your site? 

If you already have the model code, try searching for it here on If you are looking for a specific configuration but don't have the model code built yet check out our A10V datasheet here to see all the available options on our Rexroth Replacement pumps. 

I would like to purchase a Aftermarket Rexroth Replacement in a configuration that isn't offered on your site, can you fill my order? 

give us a call at 877-358-4376 or send us an email at